Thursday, February 12, 2009

Cyber Crop

It was the UKS Cyber Crop at the weekend so I spent a few hours on Saturday doing these two classes

Jamie on his 10th birthday, posing in his new Spurs top.

The children on a trip to Walmer castle with Ed's dad.
It has got me keen to do a bit more scrapping so I am now concentrating on getting my Scrap your Day album up to date. I finished August and September this morning so only October to January to go!!
I'm also trying to eat as little as possible today and tomorrow as we want to get weighed for our Weightwins programme on Saturday so then we can have a couple of pigout days. I have lost 4 1/2 lb of the 6lb I need to lose this month so I'm sure I can get that little bit extra off.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Craft and chickens (again)

We've had a major rethink over the chickens accommodation as you can see they have demolished the lawn so the weekend before last we bought some woodchip and redesigned their run.
We've put the chip down at the front with a large part sectioned off at the back with soil for them to dustbathe. They seem to like it. We've also added some wood for them to perch on and a CD which they are supposed to like to play with.
Then we bought some netting to confine them to an area when we let them out for a bit each day. Doesn't Becca look pleased with it all. Jamie is pleased as he can now kick his ball around without stepping in chicken poo.
Here are some of my latest craft offerings. I've not done a lot lately but have managed to do some of the boys' pics for a change.

Alex with his bear we got him last Christmas. I used a kit nan got me for Christmas.

Jamie, aged 4 months, made with a Sarah's Cards page kit

Jamie, aged 2, using Cosmo Cricket Cogsmo papers

A card I made with one of my bargain Sizzix dies.
I've spent a small fortune in their 90% off sale so need to get using it all now.